Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kicking A Stone Down The Deserted Dirt Road

I have decided I am an expert at disappearing into "life" and concentrating on all the mundane elements without concentrating on the magical elements--like updating my blog and doing anything that furthers my goal of becoming a known, and paid, author. Though to be fair, I have been having more than my share of "life adventures" lately. And, I have been writing, though those efforts are not visible to others yet because the book isn't to the stage of public offering. (It will be soon, if I have any say in the matter.) I just may need to lighten up on myself a bit. I do tend to be overly critical of my own efforts. I'm fair to everyone around me. But me? Not so much. Perhaps that is left over perfectionism. It is a difficult revenant to deal with in one's life.

Here I am again, kicking a stone down the deserted dirt road of my blog, thinking that I need to bring this thing back to life somehow and commit to keeping it going--regardless. Frankly, I should probably just walk away and be done with it. But there is a glimmer of a dream, a patch of something on the road just ahead, that I can not turn away from. So, I'll just keep kicking this stone and see if that mirage up ahead isn't a phantasm after all. Magic can still happen, right?

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