Sunday, January 22, 2017

A New Year Of Promise

Perhaps the title is too ambitious. Perhaps I will fall flat on my face as I have so many times in the past. Or, perhaps this time things will go well and I will finish this WIP.

I am close. A couple more scenes and it will be done. I see it clearly, the end of this novel. Though the labor will be just beginning once the writing is done. People who are not writers don't know that. They think a person sits down, puts some words on a page, and "poof!"--it's a book. They don't see the labor that goes into creating it, editing it, tweaking it to the best it can be and then letting that baby go out into the world.

They also don't know what it takes to get the book, once it is polished and shining, into the reader's hands. I don't know by personal experience. But by other people's experiences I know it is daunting. Not an easy task at all. No guarantee, no matter how good the book.

It will be ok. Bring it on, world. I'm ready.