Saturday, February 23, 2013

To Blog

or not to blog, that is the question. I have finally decided to give into the madness and start a blog of my own. I was unable to get the blog name I had actually wanted--which had so many possibilities. I had wanted the blog named "Plain Yogurt". Because starting with plain yogurt you can create so many things. But, someone else must have already claimed it since Blogger said, "No! You may not have it!"

Thus, I have reverted to an old friend, reprising my role as the Duchess of Spring. If I stay in character it will limit me and this blog to a mere fantasy. While the fantasy has been a joy since the creation of the Duchy, I am not sure I wish to be limited any longer.

However, getting up off my static place and actually creating a blog regardless the name is movement. As a writer, I need movement. If I do not have movement, if there is no change, I will wither and die. So, for now, the Duchy is here and the Duchess is playing. Learning to blog. It has to be a good thing, right?

Welcome to the Duchy

As the Grand Duchess of the Grand Duchy of Spring, I welcome you to my lands and to my castle. 

The staff keeps the food flowing, coffee and tea are always on, and there are rooms available if you are tired and wish to rest. The musicians will play your requests. There are horses in the stables if you wish to ride around the grounds. 

Enjoy your stay here, but remember this is my home. Please respect it.