Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Going Forward

 It is an exciting time for me. I have finished my first novel and it is off with beta readers. And I have started the second novel in the series. So, good things are happening. It's a positive direction and I have momentum.

My love/hate relationship with blogging continues. But I have made a decision on that front, finally. For now, I'm going to stop blogging. I currently have a total of 8 followers, so few people will be disappointed. And I doubt even the followers I have will notice. I may come back to it once I have this first book published. Right now, however, I have no energy or time to devote to it. And to do it right you must devote energy and time. All my energy is tied up in getting my work out there for the public to read. The blog isn't even a tiny blimp on my radar. (Well, perhaps a minuscule blimp, since I am here making this post.)

I don't know how as an introvert I am going to market my writing, but hopefully I will be able to come up with a plan and carry it out. It is a part of me, these words that have flowed onto the page. A part of me I wish to share with everyone. I hope many people will find my work and want to read it, that I can find a way to let them know it exists once I publish it.

We'll see. It is just another learning curve in this writing journey.

I may be back. Until then, anyone who has read this post, go gently with yourself and with others. And always follow your dreams.

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