Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just Not My Cup of Tea

I try. I really do. But life keeps sticking a foot out and tripping me. Sometimes multiple feet.

So many things have happened since my last blog post this past April. I'm not going to bore you with the sordid details. Those things have kept me from updating my blog, from writing, some from being online at all. And so the world spins and time passes.

When I look at the passage of time it depresses me. I'm just not good at this thing called blogging. Still, I struggle on because someone I trust and admire once told me it is important for a writer to do. Is that true, do you think? Perhaps some writers just aren't cut out for it.

I know for me, I'd rather be working on my world in my fantasy wip than saying inane things in a blog. I want to concentrate on the important things in life. I feel the sands of my life slipping through my fingers, and it scares me. I have books to finish and get published. I have stories to tell. I want these words out there for others to enjoy. I want people to meet the characters that have come alive as I have worked their stories onto the page. I want folks to smile and cry and wish for more time in the worlds I have created. Blogging doesn't accomplish this, at least not in my mind. Tell me, do you think I'm wrong?

Perhaps it is just not my cup of tea.


  1. My thought is until the publishing is done, the blog is secondary to the created worlds. (Look how long between some of my posts. :) ) Write your stories. Use write to the blog when stuck or wanting to switch gears.

    Even use the blog to work out glitches in the worlds. Better, use it to post flash fiction of things to come.

    Don't feel stuck "Because You Have It." That's not necessary.

    That's my quarter (inflation is a bitch. LOL) Do with it as you will...

  2. Blogging has a place. Writing is primary. I'm glad you're writing and getting it all on paper. Keep it up!